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COVID19 - Golf Course Rules


Golf at Cally Palace Hotel and Golf Course


Some changes to keep everyone safe during Covid19


We’re delighted to let you know that our golf course at Cally Palace will be open for play from 17th May, the day on which our hotels also re-open (subject to any changes in government guidelines). We have carried out a full risk assessment of the course specifically relating to Covid19 and as a result there will be a few changes to the course and to the rules of play.  These are outlined below.  We hope you will not find these too problematic, and that we will see you soon for a great round or two at Cally Palace.  


  • For the moment, the course will only be open to players staying at the hotel.  There will be no non-resident players. 
  • Players and non-players must observe social distancing with people from outside their household.  At the moment this is 2 metres. 
  • Please bring your own personal hand sanitiser for use on the course.  There are lots of sanitiser stations around the hotel itself. 
  • Please don’t enter the hotel grounds if you or anyone with whom you have been in contact has displayed any symptoms of Covid19 infection in the last two weeks. 
  • Hygiene regimes have been implemented for all golf course furniture
  • Non-essential points of contact have been removed from the course. 
  • Please clean your clubs frequently, only remove a single club from your bag, keep unused clubs in your bag and don’t pick up golf clubs that don’t belong to you
  • Don’t move another player’s bag or trolley – ask the owner to do so.
  • Don’t pick up or move another player’s ball.
  • Mark and remove your own ball from the hole cup at all times. 
  • Don’t swap scorecards.  Self sign your own card. 
  • Don’t share equipment e.g clubs, golf balls, tees, markers, umbrellas, mobile phones. 
  • Don’t remove the flags from the holes.  Always putt with the flag in place. Flags are sanitised on a regular basis.