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Update from McMillan Hotels - 8th October

For 16 days from Friday 9th October, as per the Scottish Government new COVID restrictions, our hotel restaurants will be able to remain open to non-residents daily however booking in advance still essential.  Food service will be available for resident guests until 10pm, with last orders at 8.15pm, so if you’d like to go out for dinner in Scotland in the next two weeks, please come and stay!

Please note that we will be unable to serve alcohol in the restaurant, bars or lounges at any time during this two week period. We will be able to serve alcohol outdoors subject to the 6/2 rule so be sure to bring warm clothing and a brolly!  

Update from McMillan Hotels - 14th September

As of Monday 14th September, all guests and staff are required by law to wear face coverings unless either eating or drinking, or exempt.  We have a limited supply of face coverings available to purchase, but please bring your own if possible.

In the dining room, the maximum table size is 6 people from a maximum of 2 households.  In the lounges and bar, groups of more than six people, from more than two households, may not meet socially.  We can still accommodate such groups but dining and social arrangements may need to be changed.  Please contact us to discuss further before arrival. Children under 12 years old DO NOT count towards the maximum number of six people per table. 


We are delighted to let you know that, subject to further government advice, some of our facilities at Cally Palace and at North West Castle re-opened on Monday 31st August.  There are various restrictions in place on what we can and cannot do, and these will affect how you are able to use the facilities.  Please be assured that we will relax these when we are allowed to do so and please bear with us while we all get used to the new system.

Masks must be worn in the changing rooms. It is not necessary to wear one in the pool or gym!

There is only one person allowed in the gym at a time.

The pool hall and gym ventilation speed has increased.  This is to increase the number of air changes per hour and reduce the risk of virus transmission. 

The chlorine used to disinfect swimming pools is an effective means of destroying Coronavirus, so the virus cannot be transmitted by the pool water itself, however transmission from person to person via aerosol droplet, or skin contact is still possible in the pool, so you must maintain 2 metre social distancing from all other pool users at all times.  Swimmers should use common sense to maintain two metre distancing in the pool.  For example if one swimmer is doing lengths of the pool, please don’t you do circuits! 

Cleaning procedures using virucidal cleaning chemicals will be carried out every hour in the interval between swimming and gym sessions. 

The pool is open to residents and members only at this time - residents and members are not permitted to bring guests at this time.  

Update from McMillan Hotels - 30th June 2020


The McMillan Family has been welcoming guests to Bonnie Galloway in South West Scotland since 1960.  We can’t wait to start doing so again and we’re re-opening all three of our hotels from 15th July.  Coronavirus will change how we do some things, but you can be assured of the usual warm Scottish welcome, comfortable accommodation and good food in our beautiful peaceful area.  

We have lots of measures in place to help prevent spread of the virus and protect our guests and our teams, including enhanced cleaning regimes, social distancing, Coronavirus specific training and PPE and we’ll follow the latest and most relevant guidance and keep you fully informed about what we’re doing.

Some of the guidance means that we can’t offer everything we usually do at the moment, and some things like dining will be a bit different. This is likely to keep changing and again, we’ll keep you updated. 

Booking Updates

We’re opening the doors to our three hotels again on Wednesday 15th July (subject to any change in Government guidance) and we hope to welcome you back to your favourite of our hotels soon.  Many guests have been prevented from taking up their Spring bookings by the pandemic, and we thank them especially for their forbearance and look forward to helping them to re-arrange their visits.  We expect our phone lines to be especially busy over the next few weeks so if you can’t get through straight away, please try again later or send us an email. 

For Cally Palace Tel: 01557 814341 or email Info@callypalace.co.uk

For North West Castle Tel: 01776 704413 or email hotel@northwestcastle.co.uk

For Fernhill Hotel Tel: 01776 810220 or email info@fernhillhotel.co.uk

Our leisure facilities won’t be open initially, but we will fully reopen as soon as the government allows. We are already offering golf at Cally Palace and on other local courses and will continue to offer more activities as lockdown eases.

Preparing to Visit

Please read all our guidelines before you travel.  You might want to bring the following:

  • A face mask/covering – We won’t insist you wear one, but you may wish to.  We will have some available in our hotels.  
  • Disposable gloves if you wish to wear them.
  • Travel hand sanitiser.
  • Please don’t leave home if you have any of the following symptoms:
  • A high temperature (37.8 degrees or higher)
  • A new and continuous cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Please don’t leave home if someone in your party is ‘shielding’  

Check in online

Please check-in online before you arrive to avoid any queues or crowds at reception.  You will find a link to online check-in in your confirmation email. If you can’t do this, please call and we’ll check you in over the phone.  If you haven’t checked in before you arrive, we’ll check you in at reception, but at a safe social distance. 

For track and trace its now essential that we have full names, postal addresses, telephone and email addresses for every guest, including every member of every party of guests. We will take these details at the time of booking or shortly after and make sure it remains correct when you arrive. 

We can take payment for your accommodation and any meals or golf included in your rate, but you will still need to pay for extra services like meals, drinks and coffees as you go. If you’d like to charge anything back to your room simply call reception from your room and we’ll take credit/debit card information to allow you to charge things to your room account.  Payment must be by debit or credit card – we’re no longer accepting cash or cheques.  You will find a link for the online check-in in your confirmation email.  


Your room will be ready at 3.00pm.  We can’t store luggage for you any more, so if you arrive early please leave it in your car until your room is ready.  Porter service to carry your luggage to your room will only be available on request and will not be immediate as your luggage will have to be sanitised before it is delivered.  Our porters will leave your luggage at the door and knock to let you know they have done so. 

Please only use the marked car parking spaces and try not to park near another occupied car. 

Please use the main hotel reception entrance when arriving at the hotels. North West Castle will have a separate marked entry door and an exit door.  Exiting guests at Cally Palace and Fernhill should give way to guests who are entering. Guests should maintain social distancing. (Cally Palace guests staying in the Forest Wing may then use the separate entrance there, with social distancing in place and exiting guests giving way to those entering. North West Castle guests may then use the Royal Avenue door if preferred, with the same social distancing measures.)

Please ask just one of your party to go to reception to collect your room key.  This will have been sanitised for you.

During your stay

If you feel unwell in any way, please call reception straight away from your room and we’ll help you to decide what to do.  

Stick to all government guidelines and all procedures we have in place.

Wash your hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds with warm water and soap.

Make use of the many hand sanitiser stations.

Need to cough or sneeze? Catch it in a tissue and bin it.  If you don’t have a tissue, catch it in the crook of your elbow.

Try not to touch your face. 

Keep your distance (at least two metres) from others outside your party.

Choose to take the stairs over lifts where possible. We suggest using the lifts to go up and the stairs to come down.  One ‘household’ in the lift at a time please. Please use the sanitiser station in the lift before and after touching the buttons. 

Pay by contactless where you can.  We have increased our contactless limit to £45.00.


Your bill will be emailed to you the morning of your departure – we request that you check the charges as soon as possible and email back to accept or query them as we will automatically charge them to your card before departure.  We’ll send a confirmation invoice by email afterwards.

When you’re ready to head off, leave your key in the box on the table at reception.  We’ll wave goodbye and hope to see you again soon.   

Cleaning & Hygiene Around our Hotels

We have introduced enhanced cleaning procedures and products to help stop virus spread amongst our guests and our team. From front of house to behind the scenes, these measures not only mean that we are cleaning more regularly, but that we are focussing more on high contact areas.   All of our staff will be washing their hands with soap and water at least every 60 minute, for at least 20 seconds, and always immediately before and after going on break or starting a shift. In the absence of a sink, they’ll use a hand sanitising station.  These will be at the hotel entrances, in our lifts, and at bars and restaurants.  Staff have all received training prior to their return to work to ensure awareness of the need for strict adherence to government-recommended hygiene, hotel cleanliness and physical distancing.  

We will have new and increased cleaning regimes using Drysan Oxy (BS:EN14476) which kills COVID-19 with an emphasis on high contact surfaces, lifts, buttons, door handles, room keys and locks, stair handrails.  In the bedrooms, cleaning and sanitising will be carried out with similar emphasis on high contact areas including phones, remote controls, doors and doorknobs, switches and clothes hangers. Bathroom drains will be disinfected after each departure. Glasses, mugs and spoons will all be removed and washed after each departure, regardless of whether or not they have been used.  All linen and towels will be removed from departure rooms, whether or not they have been used. 

We have introduced a deep cleaning procedure for bedrooms which includes washing linen and bedding at 60 degrees and cleaning down all soft furnishings between stays.  Additionally, where possible, we will rotate bedroom use so that as many as possible of our bedrooms will remain empty for at least 24 hours after each stay. 

These are the main products you’ll see us using which are proven to be effective against coronavirus:

Drysan OXY – 30 second contact time sanitiser BS:EN 14476 accredited

Manodes – WHO approved alcohol based hand sanitiser

Most cleaning is done with cotton/man made and micro-fibre cloths. After each use the cloths are either discarded or washed at a high temperature for re-use.


To help stop virus spread our team are all trained on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols, and what to do if a guest or a colleague becomes unwell. They are also:

Checking their temperature either at home before they leave for work, or on arrival at work.  

Washing their hands and using hand sanitiser on a regular basis.

Trained on physical distancing guidelines and protocols both behind the scenes and when working with guests.

Using their own pens to reduce contact.

Having their uniforms washed above 60 degrees.

Provided with the right PPE for their role and trained in how to use and dispose of it safely.


Social Distancing

Please follow all signage and directions, stay apart and keep your distance from other guests and our team. 

Fire Alarms

As usual, fire safety notices can be found in your room. If you hear the fire alarm and are evacuating, keep your distance from others whenever you can.


To help stop virus spread we’ve changed some of our usual room offerings like extra pillows, blankets, pads and pens and the like so that these are ‘on request’.  You will find tea/coffee/milk/sugar/biscuits in a hygienically packed bag in your room. If you need more they are also ‘on request’.  Your kettle and mugs will have been sanitised before your arrival. 

If you need anything like this just dial ‘0’ from your room and one of our team will safely drop them off for you in a sealed bag outside your door. 

We won’t service your bedroom if you’re here for 3 days or less, but fresh towels and toiletries etc are available on request and again, will be left in a sealed bag outside your room. 

If there are times when we need access to your room during your stay to carry out essential maintenance and social distancing cannot be maintained, we’ll ask you to leave and we’ll give you a call when it’s safe to return.  Please make sure we have your mobile phone number. 

Public areas

Social Distancing

Like everywhere else in the hotels, stay apart from guests who are not in your normal household, keep your distance, follow any markings and reminders and use the one-way systems.

Enhanced Cleanliness

In addition to extra cleaning to help stop virus spread, some of our team may be wearing personal protective equipment whilst keeping our public areas, rooms and facilities clean.

Hand Sanitising

Hand sanitiser is available throughout the hotels and in our public areas. Use these frequently whilst moving around our facilities especially when entering or leaving the hotel and arriving in our food service areas.

Air Conditioning

We have very few air conditioning units.  We will keep these switched off as an extra precaution, however there are no guidelines to indicate that their operation contributes to virus spread.

Food & Beverage

To begin with, we will not have any non-resident guests in our hotels.  We’ve introduced some new dining procedures to help with social distancing or guests may use our room service and ‘takeaway’ options if you’d rather eat in your room or even outdoors. 

You will be asked to book a table, at a set time, in advance of your stay, for breakfast and for dinner. You will also be asked to pre-order all meals which we hope will help us to minimise social interaction in our food service. 

If you prefer, we will be happy prepare a ‘Breakfast To Go’ or Room service Breakfast which will be delivered to your bedroom door. 

Ordering Food and Drinks

We’ll email you our menus the night before and ask you to pre-order by midday.  Don’t worry of you can’t email – the daily menu will be on ‘no touch’ display near reception and we’ll take your order there if is quiet, or you can phone it down.  Menus will not be on our tables.  

Room service and takeaway options can be pre-ordered for pre-arranged slots.

When you arrive in the dining room our restaurant teams may be wearing appropriate PPE, in accordance with whatever the current guidelines say. 

Food Handling

Our team are formally trained in food safety best practice which has been enhanced to help stop virus spread.

We’ve also re-organised our kitchens to help with social distancing behind the scenes.

We have amended our menus to ensure that the main items used and methods of preparation require minimal handling.

Please make sure that you let us know of any food allergens when you book. 

Card Payments

Payment by debit or credit card only – we no longer accept cash.

Credit card machines are regularly sanitised and you’ll find wipes next to the machines, but we ask that payments are made online or over the phone where possible to minimise use of the credit card machines. 

Activities and The Great Outdoors

Golf is available at Cally Palace and various local courses and many local attractions such as Logan Gardens, Threave Gardens and Laggan Outdoor have already re-opened with some extra safety and hygiene measures in place.  We will try to keep up to date with the re-opening of local attractions, activities and shops. Remember that The Galloway Forest Park, Mull of Galloway and other local beauty spots offer vast open spaces for walking and cycling and there’s great fishing in Dumfries & Galloway, all ideal activities for keeping your social distance. 

We are following all of the guidance from regulatory bodies including government guidelines, UK Hospitality and Scottish Golf for the best possible safe practices.


For now, we’re not actively encouraging events at any of our hotels. This will change as guidelines evolve.

Where there are any group gatherings of resident guests, we’ll put social distancing in place and other measures to help stop virus spread for guests and team members.

Spa & Leisure

Closed for now until guidelines say it’s safe to open.